Monday, July 17, 2006

OK, here is the question. How important is it to be known by God?

Those of us with an understanding of Biblical teaching assume the answer is straight forward. What of those who don't accept the Bible and have a picture of God in their mind of a distant, non-personal deity? One who watches from a distance and does not really get involved in His creation could possibly be OK with being ignored. After all He is not all that interested in us.

The puzzle for me of that view of God is that I have never known a truly creative person who was ever satisfied with their work. Always looking for and correcting flaws, the creative one is never at rest. I remember once actually having to take a painting I had comissioned away from a friend because she could not stop refining the image.

Our world is flawed, it would follow that the Creator would be attempting to restore it to His original intent.

Guessing about God; that is what a lot of us do. It may be we want a comfortable image to work with though I suspect most of us just project a bigger version of our selves for the identity of the Supreme Being. That is sad. Sad because it is ultimately self centered and self defeating.

I suppose the rational approach would be to look for evidence that God has revealed Himself. Funny thing, I consider myself a rational person and I never did that. Someone else did the work for me and shared the information. It made sense when they did and I recognized it as truth. One reason is that it made sense while being completely opposite of all the other competing ideas.

Why would we not expect a revelation from God to be unique. Plenty of folks have claimed to have discovered the truth about God, but one stands out as so different (actually kind of strange) as to demand our attention. Why did I not see it for all those years?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Reflecting on yesterday's post, identity is something we consider important. We want to be noticed or at least stand out enough as to not be lost in the crowd. I believe we all want to be viewed as worth knowing. We generally want to be accepted on our own terms.
That last bit has a darker side as well. For some identity is a great excuse to never grow up. I know you have heard the classic line; "that is just the way I am." It usually follows some major faux pas one does not want to make amends for.
The various ways in which we assert who we are could occupy days of blogging. All that considered, why is it OK to believe God would not consider it important to express Himself as He really is. If He does not speak out, if He has never revealed Himself that means anyone who elects to explain God is just guessing. That would be like a total stranger telling me about you!

Makes you wonder about all the different ways people describe the"higher power." Should I listen to any of them.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A while back I responded to a comment on a colleague's blog that became one of those back and forth exchanges that failed to go anywhere. Nothing new there, but one statement made by the other person came back to me several weeks later. The expressed concern was that I had failed to recognize the other persons identity and accomplishments.
As I said, this came back to me a couple of weeks ago in a conversation with another who was making the assertion that each of us must relate to God as we understand Him/Her. How odd is it that people find it proper to define God any way they please when they would take great offense at anyone who dared to do the same to them.
There can be only one infinite being we would know as God. One can debate the existence of God if they like, but once the reality of His presence is realized there can be no rationale for the creature to make over the Creator to fit ones own comfortable idea of God.
I am not surprised that people who lack an objective anchor for their faith do such a thing, however I find even Christians who claim the Bible as their source do the same. Even myself.
God is, therefore I am. How terrible is that to contemplate.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

WOW! I go away for 6 months and people start saying blog again like you did last summer. Actually last winter, but summer sounds better.

I believe I will give it another go. It just that this takes so much time and I have little of it to waste. Anyway, I will aim for something tomorrow or Friday.

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